Posted on: August 22, 2010 5:38 pm

Preseason 2010

We are a few short weeks away from the start of the 2010 season and I'm pretty sure we're getting another year of everyone returning!  12 teams, about to be assigned to their respective divisions with draft order to be determined the day of. Most league seem to think Chris Johnson of the Titans is the consensus #1 across the land, but I have other ideas... to be revealed on draft day. The HorZ league will be draft first on the 7th and the PSFL will follow up as soon as possible to help guys get on with their day.  If anybody happens to be following this, please be sure to fire away with comments and suggestions for get togethers during the year!
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Posted on: June 3, 2010 7:01 pm

Minor League set for 2010 too!

Jeff Cooke just paid for our related league for the 2010 season. The HorZ league, which is Heros or Zeros league was started last year in tandem with the PSFL, featuring all firefighters as well. Featuring only 10 teams last year, Jeff took the Championship in the inaugural season, while Trampis Shook took home the trophy for last place, named, appropriately for a bunch of HorZ, the Butt Plug. We're hoping the HorZ league will grow to a stable of 12 this year so that we can make some REAL money off those be-otches this year!
Posted on: May 28, 2010 7:09 pm
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Very first PSFL blog ever

So here we go. The PSFL has been purchased for the 2010 season, and we are poised to return all 12 managers from the previous several years, which is an amazing feet, when you consider that we couldn't keep the same guys returning each year for any of the first 14 or 15 seasons.PSFL, by the way, stands for Pukes and Slugs Fantasy League, which is named after what firefighters used to call each other when there was more of a rivalry between Truck companies and Engine companies in your local firehouses. Truck "Slugs" were so named because they hardly ever moved around the firehouse, doing so only to respond to a fire call (no medical aids or assist), a cat in a tree, or if the dinner bell was rung. The historically accepted motto of Truck Slugs is, for the most part, still accurate today: Sleep till you eat, and eat till you're sleepy. You could always find a Truck Slug by following the trail of debris he lft behind moving from one place to the other.   Engine "Pukes" were so-named because they would go into a fire (in the old days with no breathing protection), fight the fire and come back out of the building puking and spitting gobs of soot. Also, because they were usually not as smart as "Truckies" they would generally eat too fast when they sat at the table, and would continue shoveling food into their mouths past the point of sleepy and into the realm of barfing.   Despite these differences, the crews were always a tight-knit group, and a spirit of friendly competition was almost always the norm.   Thus, when the league was formed in the pre-internet web site days at the kitchen table of old station 20 located at Arden and Del Paso, it was easily and quickly agreed that the league should encompass the spirit of the fellows who worked in our profession. "The Palace", as it was known, has been re-assigned as a medical logistics warehouse for the Sacramento Fire Department, but the table is still in the kitchen area, the building remains a brick stalwart to the rough neighborhood it protected, and the cannon on the front lawn, which was the subject of many humorous stories, stands guard against the imaginary invasion of unknown hoards.   In the future, I hope to tell more about the who that formed this league, the BEST and OLDEST FIRE Department league in the Sacramento area.   We'll talk about who formed it, who was in it for short periods, how the league has evolved over time and the Trophies for the winner and loser of each season.    Welcome to the PSFL Blog, and I hope you'll enjoy some of this as much as I've enjoyed the last 20 plus years of fantasy football.
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